Saturday, March 26, 2011

What happened to spring?

Less than a week ago we welcomed the official arrival of spring and the weather forecast for tomorrow predicts an inch of snow. This is when I really feel homesick. In Louisiana spring has fully arrived in all of her glory. When I close my eyes I see the beautiful azalea blooms that were the landscape of my childhood.

I picture the old, heirloom plants that thickly lined the fence. The bushes were so heavy with blooms that you could heardly see the leaves for the shades of fuscia, pink or lavender. Nearby dogwood and japanese magnolia trees contributed their tender blossoms to the vision creating an explosion of color everywhere.

Shades of yellow, white and green from plants and flowers who's names I have long forgotten added offerings to the scene. Ah, to be surrounded by the beauty of a Louisiana spring.

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