Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm lovin' my curves, baby!

Diva Laura has done it again, this week's challenge: "Love your curves, baby," called on us to use only curved lines...a curved string paired with curved tangles and curved lines...WHEW! what a relief after the previous challenge to only use straight lines. I found this much easier--my pen seemed to flow across the tile (or page in some cases). Here are a few examples of the fun I'm having this week. As always, I would appreciate your feedback.

I am very pleased with how this piece turned out. I did not use a string; however all of the tangles are constructed of curved lines. Even the shapes in the center--they may look like they are made of straight lines, but I tried to make each line concave or convex. I do not have a title for this one yet.

I call this one "Going in circles." It is my first response to the challenge. I was really just playing around and I think that the lack of seriousness shines through. I drew this in my sketchbook, so the other edge (the only straight-ish lines) are the ones that I drew ti mimic the edges of a 3.5 x. 3.5 tile.

I have a few more that I have created in response to the challenge and will try to post them later.


  1. Thanks Sandra, that means a lot coming from you! :-)

  2. On the first piece your shading makes it wonderful, on the second I like how your backgrounds are opposite!

  3. Thank you for noticing the shading! You can see from past ZIA that shading is not my strong suit. I was excited that it worked out on this piece. Practice pays off...YIPPEE!