Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One hot mess...a.k.a Diva's Challenge #13

Oh lucky me, I picked last week to plunge in and begin participating in the the Diva's weekly challenge. Turned out that my attempts were one big ole hot mess!

For challenge #13 she pushed us to create Zentangle inspired art using our non-dominant hand, for me that meant using my left hand. WHAT?!?!?! it is difficult enough for me to draw with my RIGHT hand! Ha Ha! I was not looking forward to diving in to this piece--I doubt my attitude helped the outcome. Regardless, I'm not making any of my attempts public.

This week the new challenge is to create the design only using straight line tangles. I tend to use more curvy tangles as they can hide a multitude of sins. This is another daunting challenge for a newbie, but I WILL post something to share.

Until then....it is what it is!

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