Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I walk the line

Here are my initial attempts at the Diva's challenge. The challenge is to draw only using straight lines. As you can see, my work is rather primitive. I think that I work too quickly. If I can develop the habit of drawing in a slow, methodical way I think my stokes will be cleaner and the overall design more cohesive. Well, that is my personal critique--as a newbie to Zentangle I welcome your feedback.

I titled this first one "Constrained" as in constrained by the straight lines. The idea was for the focal point image to be tied down (held back) by the outer lines.

I elected to go very simple in the second attempt titled "Lightning Strike."

Finally, with "I walk the line" I decided to stick with straight edge tangle patterns.


  1. I like them all, but especially 'constrained' it definitely draws the eye to the center as if in the background, so you did achieve that end. that's a cool effect. And you did it again with 'lightening strike'. Those two grab me the most. with 'I walk the line', you have taken me into a garden with the path between all the pretty flowers and veggies. Excellent work Beth!!!

  2. Ruth,
    Throughout the day, as I've studied the pieces others have posted in response to this challenge, I've been a bit embarrassed that I decided to "go public" this week with my feeble attempts. You have made me feel better. I know I have a long way to go before the scribbles that I do have visual appeal. Thanks to you I feel brave enough to continue trying. :-)

  3. Hi Beth, you are right..'don't rush' enjoy the flow! Appreciate and everthing will fall into place.

  4. I like the first one best too! Love the colors.

  5. Beth, - hold them at a distance and definitely give them some time to flourish. I find my tiles look better many days after I've completed them. These are lovely.

  6. Beth! They are all beautiful! If I had to pick a fav though it's definitely 'lightning strike'! Awesome work!