Wednesday, March 24, 2010


For almost six years now I have faithfully followed the ABC TV series Lost--it is absolutely the BEST show on television. The fun of it has been the constant questions upon questions fans are left with at the end of each episode--yet what we DO figure out is so mentally stimulating that we keep coming back for more. Now in this, the final season, we are finally getting some answers. With only 7 episodes left, until last night, I've had my doubts of whether or not all of the pieces of the puzzle would fall into place and wondered if the writers had enough time to pull all of the loose threads together. No longer do I a single hour last night we learn that the island is something akin to Pandora's box and has been holding back evil from flooding into the world with no restraint. We've seen the battle between good vs. evil played out in various characters and story lines over the years, but never before has this foundational element of the series been so clearly defined. It was a very satisfying night of television.

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