Sunday, February 21, 2010

Now I understand!

I could hardly wait to log in to share what God revealed to me this morning in Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven Connection" e-devotional. What a blessing!!!! Rick opened by quoting 2 Corinthians 9:10. Then he challenged us to decide that we will look to GOD ONLY as our source. He said that we often get ourselves in trouble when we confuse the channel with the source. For example, God may use our paychecks as the channel to supply our needs, but God is using our employer as the channel for His provision--and He can shift to another channel anytime He wants. Sometime the channel may dry up, but the source of our every need remains active. God knows our needs and we have to let go and give God the right to choose whatever channel He wants to fulfill the need.

I've said that God is in control of my life yet I have continued to try to figure out ways to solve my own problems. At the same time I've been under the delusion that I got myself into this mess so I have to actively figure out solutions. Oh yes, I've given God credit for my feeble attempts that have only served as temporary, stop-gap measures--the problem is that I have never REALLY let go and allowed God to be God! Forgive me Lord!I know the original topic here is about tithing and I have gotten way off the subject here. It may not make sense to you, but all of this is tied together for me and I just had to publically give God the glory for opening my eyes.

Please continue to pray for me as again I lay my financial, physical, emotional and spiritual needs before God's throne. Pray that the Holy Spirit helps me find the restraint to leave my problems at God's feet and trust Him for His bounty of provision in my life.

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