Friday, April 1, 2011

Venntangle Challenge

Double the challenge, double the fun--this week ptrish40 issued the Venntangle Challenge This time the challenge is to merge two or more tangle patterns so they morph into a new pattern. My contributions turned out to be better as ideas than in execution, but still were challenging and fun. :-)

This first attempt is a combination of Adele and Quip. I call the new tangle "Qudele." The new tangle that emerged in this venntangle is my favorite of the three creations that I worked on last night.

Take two is a blending of Cadent and Quiltz into the new tangle "Quildent." In the end, the new tangle just gets a little muddy.

At the end of the night I was either punchy or bold and decided to go for a 3-fer with this combination of Claire, Finny's Florets and Pinho into "Hoclrets." Rather brassy for a newbie, don't cha' think?


  1. Wow Beth! I love your Venntangles - they are wonderful - it is fun and a great brain workout!!!

  2. Yes Trish it is! Thank you for a great mental exercise!