Monday, April 4, 2011

Sweet 16: Mooka

Appropriately, Diva Laura selected the lovely new tangle "Mooka" for the Week 16 challenge. If you haven't seen it yet, Maria and Rick introduced a new, official tangle pattern in their April 3 newsletter.

Mooka looks complicated, but is actually very easy. Interestingly is it created using one, continuous stroke. The result is quite elegant. This was a fun challenge.

This first try is from my sketch journal. I did it Sunday night before I knew what the challenge would be. I was so excited when I read the Zentangle newsletter that I had to use the new tangle as soon as possible.

The next two examples were explorations of Mooka. I wish that I was as skilled as the rest of you had keeping my hand steady and keeping the distance between lines consistent. As I keep saying...practice, practice, practice will hopefully help me improve in those areas.

Now that you are getting to know me you have probably realized that my imagination far outstretches my skill. In this last piece I decided to experiment with my sparkly Sakura gel pens. The result is a bit garish in person, for once I am glad that the camera tones the image down. :-) Oh well, It Is What It Is!

As always, I am learning so much from you expert Zentanglers and welcome any tips/advice. Until next time...


  1. You did a great job on your Mooka Challenge!

  2. I think you did real well (from another who shakes!!) yes, practice is the key, but this is just such a fun tangle to practice with, how can you go wrong!! I like your are doing great. Keep it up.

  3. Sweet Mooka beauty! Yes... all it takes is more, more, more and you find that you're quickly tangling up a storm!! [grin] I'm going to suggest that you change that word 'practice' though.* This is something a wonderfully wise calligraphy Master said to me once, and I pass this baton of wisdom on to you [smiles]: "No... no practice. Only PLAY!" So - keep playing!! Oh... and I ♥ your playful colours too.. so there! [LOL]

    *I think, especially for some of us, the word practice has negative connotations - like practising scales on the piano. For me, at least, it was something that I *had* to do (3 hours a day of flute practise), but not necessarily something that I wanted to do or enjoyed doing... unlike tangling, of course!!!

  4. Oh yes great tiles this pattern is just so flowing and organic and open love everything you have done with it here. XOXO Zoe

  5. Hi Beth,
    Nice tangles! I especially like the way you did the last one :-)

  6. I don't know what is better...tangling, or the Zentangle community. Thank you all for the feedback and encouragement.