Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tangle *A*Day Fun

I've dabbled at Zentangle over the past months. I'm not really sure what was holding me back. Then, this past weekend, I tangled for HOURS. I am completely caught up in my tangle*a*day 2013 calendar for Zentangle practice. Thank you Carole Ohl for offering this handy little way to explore and practice tangles.

I still need to work on shading, but other than that I am pleased with how this ZIA turned out. On most of the other entries I've just practiced different patterns. For this one I was watching TV and tangling at the same time and it just spilled out of my pen.

I've been sporadically playing with Laura's weekly challenge for a few months now. This week I think I will be brave enough to actually post something to share with the group. For now I'll just share my practice with the Bales tangle.

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