Monday, June 13, 2011

I may already be a winner....

So far this month I've won 3 (count em, 1, 2, 3!) different contests (See comments with previous post). I am so excited! By nature I tend to be a joyful person. Recently some typical life circumstances were beginning to weigh me down. Over the past few weeks I've been more purposeful in trying to project positivity. Now it looks like that positive energy is attracting positive results in my least as far as these blog contests are concerned. [GRIN].

For some reason the phrase on those thick Publishers Clearing House envelopes just popped in my head. You know, the one that had your name blazoned across the front of the envelope. I entered another blog give away earlier today, who knows...I may already be a winner!


  1. Isn't it a rush winning? I so look forward to the mail every day. I've been surprised at how often I'm winning too. I can see that I'll have to be careful. It's addicting and I could spend all my time just entering contests, lol!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! *G*