Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's A Small World

I know the profusion of technology created to 'make our lives easier' is often more problematic than helpful, but that isn't the case with all of the tech-tools. Earlier today I facilitated a Web-based meeting with one person on the West coast and another here on the East coast. There was no travel involved. Prior to today we coordinated a time in our schedules when we were each available. Today all that we had to do was fire up our computers and Internet browsers then log on to the URL at the agreed to time. I've participated in Web-meetings, from work, from home, while traveling. In one of my first Web-meetings 6 or 7 years ago one participant was actually in her backyard hammock using a wireless connection and laptop to join-in. How cool is that? I like that we can use tools such as this to bring folks together and make this world a little be cozier.

Ah, wouldn't it be nice if all of life's challenges could be solved so easily?

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