Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bible Journaling

I'm not sure how I found it, but back in May I discovered the Influence Network by way of Shanna Noel's blog post on her Journaling Bible. It just so happened that she was teaching an online class that night to share her process, so of course I signed up immediately. This has become such a valuable part of my devotional life. God is so good! He has used the earthly things that I delight in--doodling, social media, etc. to draw me closer so that I delight in Him.

Shanna Noel created a Facebook group for like-minded people to gather and share and be inspired by the journaling Boble process.

It does not matter what we are Bible journaling looks like. When our pages are created as an act of worship God is pleased with the resut. God is teaching all of us so much through this process. I am in awe that He is so mindful and willing to speak to us through markers and paper.

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